What to do if you find an Injured Bird

If you find an injured bird, the first thing to do if possible and safe to do so, is to secure it. Either pick it up and restrain it in a towel, or place it in a box or other receptacle. We can help with many conditions and injuries in birds, but only if we are able to examine and treat them. Once this is done, please call your nearest Wildlife Rescue. If you are on the Isle of Wight, our number here at Wild Bird Aid is 07874 660863.

If the bird is too large or dangerous for you to safely handle, please call a rescue and wait with the bird until help arrives. Even if the bird moves away from it’s original position, the fact that you are able to watch where it goes means that we can find, and therefore help it that much quicker.


  • Contact a Wildlife Rescue as soon as possible
  • Keep the casualty contained if possible
  • Wait with the casualty until help arrives if it is large or dangerous species
  • Keep the bird warm



  • Feed the bird anything. Contrary to popular belief, birds can go without food for some time. Indeed, if injured or unwell, feeding them can make the situation worse.
  • Give the bird any liquids. Even a severely dehydrated bird should not be given water straight into the beak. It is easy to accidentally kill a bird by filling it’s airway with fluid if it is not administered in the correct way, so although it may appear thirsty, it is not worth taking the risk.
  • Put yourself at risk of harm. If it is not safe to reach the bird, or if there is a risk of injury from the surroundings or the bird itself, contact a wildlife rescue and wait with the casualty until help arrives.

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