Wild Bird Aid was founded in 2016 by friends Claire Newsome and Kerstin and Stephan Voigt. Previously, Kerstin and Stephan had been rescuing wildlife on the Isle of Wight for several years as ‘Wight Nature’, and Claire joined them as a volunteer whilst living on the mainland and working as a volunteer rescuer at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital and Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue. Upon Claire’s return to the Isle of Wight at the end of 2015, they decided to formally join forces and founded Wild Bird Aid.

In 2017, Kerstin and Stephan decided to take a well-deserved sabbatical from active rescue, but Claire continues the work of Wild Bird Aid with a small team of volunteers.

As a small, home-based rescue, Wild Bird Aid takes in almost 1000 birds a year and the majority are nursed back to full health and released back to the wild.